Travis Kelce Spending Thanksgiving Solo In KC, Missing Taylor Swift


Despite plans to spend Christmas together, Travis Kelce, the star tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs, found himself celebrating Thanksgiving alone in Kansas City. As he navigated the city’s streets in his luxurious Rolls-Royce, Travis embraced the solitude and made the most of his solo holiday.

Key Takeaway

Travis Kelce, star tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs, spends Thanksgiving alone in Kansas City while Taylor Swift performs in Brazil.

Driving near his new mansion, which he purchased for added privacy when he first started dating Taylor Swift, Travis appeared content and at ease behind the wheel. Witnesses spotted him sporting a plaid shirt and even singing along to some tunes, making the most of his time alone.

The reason for their separation during the holiday season is due to Taylor Swift’s international leg of her highly successful Eras Tour, which currently has her captivating audiences in Brazil. Additionally, Travis has a football game scheduled for this Sunday, making it impossible for the couple to be together.

However, fear not! The couple has already made arrangements to spend Christmas together, skillfully coordinating their busy schedules to ensure quality time as the year comes to a close.

On a recent episode of Travis’ podcast, “New Heights,” with his brother Jason Kelce, Travis revealed his Thanksgiving plans to indulge in KFC since he wouldn’t have anyone else around. While it’s unclear whether he was singing any Taylor Swift tunes during his solo car ride, or perhaps humming his own Christmas single, Travis seemed to embrace the freedom and solitude of the day.

As the NFL season progresses and Taylor Swift continues her world tour, it’s clear that their dedication and commitment to one another will be tested. However, their plans to reunite and celebrate Christmas together show that love knows no boundaries, and they are determined to make every moment count.