Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Leave MetLife Stadium Separately After Chiefs Win


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the rumored new couple, made separate exits from MetLife Stadium after the Kansas City Chiefs secured a win against the New York Jets. Unlike their previous outing where they walked out together and left in the same car, this time they opted for a more low-key departure.

Key Takeaway

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce left MetLife Stadium separately after the Chiefs’ win against the Jets. Their discreet exit further confirms their relationship, contrasting with their previous more public appearances together. Taylor continues to show her support for Travis and the Chiefs, celebrating the victory with her close friends.

Confirmation of their Relationship

Travis Kelce hastily left the Chiefs’ locker room area, heading towards the team buses without Taylor Swift by his side. However, Taylor was seen leaving the stadium arm in arm with her friend, Sophie Turner. This discreet exit seems to subtly confirm their relationship, as their previous outing together was more of a public statement.

It’s worth noting that Taylor Swift’s presence at the Chiefs’ game, once again, reflects her support for Travis Kelce and the team. Throughout the game, Taylor was enthusiastically cheering, throwing up her hands in excitement. She shared this experience with her close friends, including Sophie Turner, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Sabrina Carpenter, and more. Travis’ mom, Donna, and Taylor’s new best friend, Brittany Mahomes, were also spotted in the suite.

Post-game Activities

Following the game, Taylor Swift headed to Zero Bond restaurant in NYC, although it remains unknown who she dined with. There were no sightings of Travis, Sophie, or any other friends who watched the game with her. Travis, on the other hand, was seen leaving Taylor’s apartment earlier in the day before heading to the stadium.

All in all, the Taylor Swift game proved to be highly entertaining, capturing the attention of fans and sparking curiosity about the nature of her relationship with Travis Kelce.