Tampa Rapper Nardo Wick Speaks Out After Fan Assaulted By Entourage


In a recent incident that shocked fans and the general public alike, Tampa rapper Nardo Wick’s entourage was caught on video brutally attacking a fan who had approached the artist for a photo. Now, Nardo Wick himself has broken his silence regarding the incident, expressing his deep regret and claiming that he had tried to intervene to stop the assault.

Key Takeaway

Nardo Wick has expressed his deep regret over the assault on a fan by his entourage. He claims he tried to intervene and stop the attack, but emphasizes his inability to control the actions of others. The rapper has reached out to the fan’s mother and publicly condemned the incident as unacceptable. The police are seeking help in identifying the individuals involved in the assault.

An Upsetting Incident

Nardo Wick took to Instagram to address the shocking incident, detailing his immediate response after witnessing the deplorable sucker punch. In his post, the rapper made it clear that he did not endorse or support the violent act. He reached out to the fan’s mother to convey his sincere apologies and concern for what had transpired.

A Concerned Rapper

Expressing his frustration, Nardo Wick emphasized his inability to control the actions of his entourage, stating, “I can’t control another grown man’s actions. I didn’t know that was going to happen, and I was furious when it did.” He went on to reassure his fans that he loves and appreciates them, condemning the incident as “unacceptable, uncool, and far from being gangsta.”

A Disturbing Incident Caught on Video

The assault, which took place after Nardo Wick’s show in Tampa, was captured on video and then circulated online. The footage shows one member of the entourage delivering a sucker punch to the fan from the side, while another lands a direct punch. The victim, George Obregon Jr., reportedly suffered a severe concussion and a brain bleed as a result.

Nardo Wick’s Outreach

In a show of remorse, Nardo Wick shared screenshots of his Instagram messages to both George’s mother and George himself, showcasing his genuine distress over the attack. Moreover, Nardo’s own mother, who also serves as his manager, had been in contact with George’s mother, exchanging updates on George’s medical condition.

Justice for the Fan

The Tampa Police Department is currently seeking assistance in identifying the individuals involved in the assault. However, Nardo Wick’s social media post does not mention whether or not he has been coordinating with the police to help identify the assailants.