Myke Towers Embraces The Single Life And Addresses Tekashi 6ix9ine Controversy


Puerto Rican trapper Myke Towers is not interested in following the footsteps of his fellow artist Bad Bunny and entering into a high-profile relationship. Instead, the “LALA” artist reveals that he prefers to keep his options open and explore the single life. Speaking outside ‘Jimmy Kimmel,’ Myke remained coy about his relationship status but emphasized that being single works best for him right now.

Key Takeaway

Myke Towers, the Puerto Rican trapper, is choosing to remain single to avoid upsetting his multitude of female admirers. Despite the success and fame he has achieved in the music industry, he prefers to keep his options open and enjoy the perks of having numerous interested women. Additionally, Myke remains neutral when asked about controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, choosing not to comment either positively or negatively.

Myke has a vast number of female admirers, and he wants to avoid upsetting them by committing to just one person. It seems that he is living every playboy’s dream with the luxury of having several women interested in him. Holding onto his single status makes sense, considering how successful he has become since winning “Best New Artist” at the Billboard Latin Music Awards a few years back.

In March, Myke released his latest album “La Vida Es Una,” which has experienced tremendous success in the Latin market. His track “LALA” has been consistently earning platinum plaques, solidifying his status as a reggaeton superstar.

Myke Towers’ Views on Tekashi 6ix9ine

During the interview, Myke Towers was also asked about the current perception of controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine among fans in Puerto Rico. This inquiry comes in light of Tekashi’s recent legal drama in the Dominican Republic, where he faced allegations of assault against music producers.

Although Myke did not give Tekashi a glowing endorsement, he did not speak negatively about him either. It seems that Myke Towers prefers to stay neutral on this subject and focus on his own music and career.