Nardo Wick Fan Attack Suspects Surrender To Police


Two individuals who were caught on camera assaulting a fan of rapper Nardo Wick have turned themselves in to the Tampa Police Department, according to law enforcement sources. The suspects, identified as 34-year-old Zachary L. Benton and a 15-year-old male, are now facing charges of felony battery.

Key Takeaway

Two suspects, including a 15-year-old male, have surrendered to the Tampa Police Department after assaulting a fan of rapper Nardo Wick. The incident, caught on camera, showed the suspects ambushing the victim following a concert. The rapper distanced himself from the violence and expressed remorse for the incident.

This shocking incident occurred when the victim, George Obregon Jr., approached Nardo Wick after a show and was unexpectedly assaulted by two individuals leaving the venue with the rapper. The video footage clearly shows Benton throwing the first punch, while the 15-year-old subsequently joined in, repeatedly attacking Obregon.

Connection to Nardo Wick

Contrary to initial reports, it appears that the suspects did not have a close relationship with Nardo Wick. Instead, they were acquaintances of people connected to the rapper. Interestingly, the two assailants even reached out to Nardo’s team earlier in the week to discuss surrender logistics, suggesting a level of familiarity.

This incident has left the victim with serious injuries, including a severe concussion and a brain bleed. Obregon, who was simply seeking a photo with Nardo Wick, had no idea that his request would lead to such a violent and devastating assault.

Nardo Wick’s Response

While Nardo Wick expressed remorse for the incident, he made it clear that he could not control the actions of others. In a public statement, he apologized for what happened and shared his distress over the entire situation. The rapper emphasized that he did not initiate the violence and urged his fans to engage in peaceful behavior.

In an effort to bring the perpetrators to justice, the police released photos of the suspects, labelling them as individuals directly involved in the felony battery. This move likely played a significant role in the suspects’ decision to turn themselves in to authorities.