T.I. Expresses Disapproval Of Club’s Promo Flyer Featuring Him & Son King’s Fight


T.I., the renowned rapper, took a stand against a club that attempted to exploit his recent altercation with his son, King. The club had scheduled T.I. and King to make an appearance at Atlanta’s Elleven45 Lounge for its “R&B Wednesdays” event. However, a day prior to the event, T.I. discovered that the promotional flyer included a photoshopped image depicting him holding King in a headlock.

Key Takeaway

T.I. asserted his authority and influence, making it clear that he would not tolerate the club’s attempt to profit from his personal matters. His intervention led to a change in the flyer, and the event proceeded as planned.

This manipulated image was meant to mock King’s outburst during the Atlanta Falcons game at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium suites. King had become emotionally charged, leading to claims that he had a rougher upbringing than he actually did. Upon learning about the flyer, T.I. immediately confronted the owners of Elleven45 Lounge, sternly expressing his disapproval.

In a passionate display of indignation, T.I. emphasized his deep connection to the city of Atlanta and reminded the club owners that he holds the power to dictate the rules, regardless of whether they are locals or outsiders. Thanks to T.I.’s intervention, the club promoter swiftly made the necessary alterations to the flyer, ensuring that the event could go ahead.

True to their commitment, T.I., King, and T.I.’s son, Domani, all arrived at the event, projecting a united front as a family. The situation had been resolved, and the atmosphere appeared amicable among T.I., King, and the club.