Kim Kardashian’s Son, Saint, Shows Displeasure Towards Paparazzi Again


Kim Kardashian’s oldest son, Saint, is making headlines once again, this time for his bold and defiant gesture towards the paparazzi. The 7-year-old was spotted in West Hollywood, accompanied by his mother and friends, as they made their way to a restaurant after his Friday basketball practice.

Key Takeaway

Kim Kardashian’s son, Saint, once again flips off the paparazzi, much to his mother’s disapproval. This gesture reflects the shared frustration within the family regarding the constant attention from the media.

As the photographers captured the Kardashian entourage, Saint seized the opportunity to express his displeasure by defiantly raising his middle finger at someone across the street. Kim Kardashian, clearly disapproving of her son’s actions, swiftly swatted his hand down, much to Saint’s amusement. It seems that one of the photographers even found the moment amusing.

This is not the first time Saint has shown his disdain for the media. Just last month, he exhibited a similar gesture that earned him a scolding from his mother. It appears that the young boy shares his frustration with the paparazzi with his older sister, North, who has also been seen vocally expressing her desire for them to leave her family alone.

It is worth noting that their father, Kanye West, has a history of confrontations with paparazzi, demonstrating his own displeasure with their constant presence. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian seems to have learned to accept that the attention comes with the territory of being rich and famous.

It remains to be seen whether Saint and North will eventually adopt their mother’s approach or continue to assert their disdain for the paparazzi. For now, their gestures serve as a reminder that even celebrity children have their own way of expressing themselves.