Kim Kardashian Scolds Her Son For Flipping Off The Paparazzi


Famous reality TV star Kim Kardashian knows how to handle the paparazzi, but it seems like one of her children is still learning the ropes or, perhaps, just thinks he’s number one.

Key Takeaway

Kim Kardashian’s son, Saint, caused a stir when he flipped off the paparazzi outside a burger joint in Los Angeles. The incident showed that he may be taking after his father, Kanye West, who is known for his confrontations with the media.

Saint, who is 7 years old, walked into an Islands burger joint in Los Angeles on Friday after his basketball game, accompanied by a couple of friends and his mother (not to mention a group of bodyguards). Naturally, the paparazzi were also lurking around.

As the whole group made their way to the front entrance, Saint made it clear to the photographers what he thought of their presence… by flipping them off.

The image of a young child giving the middle finger is quite comical in itself, but the way Kim reacts to Saint’s gesture is even more hilarious.

Let’s just say she is in full-on mom mode, trying to gently hush her son and get him to behave, but she’s not going too hard on him.

Now, in terms of which parent he’s taking after, it’s clear that Saint is channeling Kanye. Over the years, we’ve seen Ye get angry at the paparazzi. However, it’s more amusing when the kid does it.