Southside Challenges Jermaine Dupri’s Claim Of Pioneering “Making It Rain”


Super-producer Southside has expressed his disagreement with Jermaine Dupri’s recent claim of being the pioneer of “making it rain” in the club. According to Southside, the Atlanta scene has been indulging in this activity for a long time, and Dupri’s claim needs an asterisk.

Key Takeaway

Southside challenges Jermaine Dupri’s assertion of pioneering “making it rain” in the club, arguing that the Atlanta scene has been engaging in this practice for quite some time. He believes that Dupri must have learned it from the older generation, including his own father, who were a part of the strip club culture even before Dupri’s rise to fame.

During a recent encounter at LAX, we had the opportunity to speak with Southside, the 808 Mafia Boss. He shared that he had been in the club with JD and Nelly, but neither of them could withstand the torrent of money that he summoned. Eventually, they had to give in and call it quits.

Southside’s Perspective

While Southside acknowledged Jermaine Dupri’s significant influence in shutting down strip clubs, he suggests that Dupri must have adopted this trend from the older OGs, including Southside’s father. These individuals, who were not celebrities and had no desire for such fame, were a part of the strip club culture even before Dupri’s time.

Jermaine Dupri recently appeared as a guest on R&B star Estelle’s Apple Music show. During the show, he recounted his efforts to convince strippers at Magic City that throwing money in the air and picking it up off the floor was not only acceptable but also beneficial for them.

Additionally, Dupri pointed to his 1998 hit song “Money Ain’t a Thang” with Jay-Z as the starting point for the “making it rain” trend in music videos. This further supports Southside’s viewpoint.

Beat of the Year

In light of a relatively quiet year for hip hop, Southside also shared his pick for the “Beat of the Year.” He chose Metro Boomin’s “Superheroes” instrumental, highlighting the talent within his own circle.