Tameka Foster Shares Thoughts On Usher’s Marriage And Jermaine Dupri’s Super Bowl Outfit


Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Foster, has recently expressed her joy for Usher’s new marriage while also sharing her views on Jermaine Dupri’s outfit at the Super Bowl.

Key Takeaway

Tameka Foster is supportive of Usher’s new marriage and is focused on her own future endeavors. She also shared her disapproval of Jermaine Dupri’s reliance on designer brands for style.

Tameka’s Approval of Usher’s Marriage

Tameka Foster, a sought-after stylist in Atlanta, has spoken out about her ex-husband Usher’s recent marriage to Jennifer Goicoechea. Despite their past, Tameka is happy for Usher and is focused on her own future.

Tameka’s Take on Jermaine Dupri’s Super Bowl Outfit

As a prominent figure in the fashion industry, Tameka Foster also shared her thoughts on Jermaine Dupri’s attire at the Super Bowl. She expressed her disapproval of relying heavily on designer brands for style and echoed the sentiments of many others on the internet.