Social Media Backlash: Simone Biles Fans Target Jonathan Owens After Controversial Comments


Simone Biles’ fans have taken to social media to express their disapproval of Jonathan Owens’ recent comments on their relationship. The NFL player, who plays for the Green Bay Packers, sparked outrage when he referred to himself as the “catch” in their relationship during an episode of “The Pivot” podcast. This has led to a barrage of negative comments directed at Owens on his Instagram account.

Key Takeaway

Jonathan Owens’ comments about being the “catch” in his relationship with Simone Biles have sparked a wave of criticism from Biles’ fans, leading to a social media backlash against the NFL player.

Outrage Over Owens’ Remarks

Owens’ comments on the podcast about not initially recognizing Biles and asserting himself as the prize in their relationship have not been well-received by Biles’ supporters. Many fans of the decorated gymnast have flooded Owens’ Instagram with critical remarks, expressing their disappointment and disapproval of his statements.

One commenter sarcastically wrote, “Merry Christmas to Mr. & Mrs. Simone Biles❤️,” while another fan expressed their lack of recognition for Owens, stating, “I don’t even know his name. I just know him as Simone Biles’s husband.”

Some comments even took aim at Owens’ financial status, with one person advising, “Girl have him sign a prenup.”

Biles’ Support and Co-host’s Perspective

Despite the backlash, Biles stood by her husband and defended him in a recent Instagram post. Meanwhile, Ryan Clark, cohost of “The Pivot,” downplayed the controversy, suggesting that Owens’ remark was simply an “innocent joke.”