NFL Player Jonathan Owens Defends Wife Simone Biles Against Accusations Of Rudeness


Jonathan Owens, the husband of gymnast Simone Biles, has come to her defense after a fan accused her of being rude during a shopping trip. Owens firmly denied the allegations, stating that his wife is the “sweetest person in the world.”

Key Takeaway

NFL player Jonathan Owens defended his wife Simone Biles against accusations of rudeness made by a fan. Owens refuted the claims, highlighting Biles’ kind personality and addressing the need for privacy in their lives. The fan’s social media account has since been made private, and it remains unclear if they have responded to Owens’ defense.

The Accusations

A fan took to social media to claim that Biles had been “so f***ing rude” during a visit to a makeup store a few months ago. The fan alleged that Biles refused to take a picture with her coworker’s daughter and complained to the store manager about being observed while browsing through items.

The woman went on to say that she couldn’t forget how mean Biles had been for no apparent reason and questioned the gymnast’s reputation for sweetness.

Owens Stands Up for His Wife

Owens, who is a Green Bay Packers defensive back, responded to the fan’s claims on his own social media account. He vehemently denied the accusations against his wife. Owens explained that it is perfectly acceptable for Biles to decline a picture request, emphasizing the importance of privacy and the incessant attention that comes with fame.

Furthermore, Owens asserted that he has never heard his wife speak to anyone in such a negative manner, especially someone requesting a photograph. He questioned why someone would try to tarnish Biles’ image in this way.

Owens concluded his posts by stating that he will not tolerate any false allegations directed at his wife, as she means the world to him.