Shocking Incident: Teenagers Deliberately Run Over Cyclist, Killing Him


In a disturbing video that has recently surfaced, two teenagers can be heard laughing as they intentionally ram their car into a cyclist in Nevada, resulting in his death.

Key Takeaway

A shocking video has emerged showing two teenagers deliberately running over a cyclist in Nevada, resulting in his tragic death. The driver has been charged with homicide, while the involvement of the passenger remains unclear.

The 17-year-old driver and his accomplice were driving through a street in Las Vegas on August 14th when they approached Andreas Probst, who was cycling in the designated bike lane.

The passenger, who was recording the incident on his cellphone, can be heard laughing with the driver as they planned to run over Probst. Disturbingly, they can be heard saying, “Are you ready?” and “Yeah, hit him in the ass.”

Moments later, the driver collided with Probst, causing him to be thrown onto the car’s windshield before falling to the ground.

Probst was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The teenagers fled the scene, but the driver was apprehended shortly after for hit-and-run charges. The charges were later upgraded to homicide when the video emerged, clearly showing that the act was intentional.

It is unclear whether the passenger has also been charged in connection with the crime.