Shawn Porter Sees Potential For Francis Ngannou In Boxing


Former welter/middleweight boxer, Shawn “Showtime” Porter, has shared his thoughts on Francis Ngannou’s recent boxing debut against Tyson Fury. Despite the loss, Porter believes that Ngannou has the potential to become a successful heavyweight boxer in the future.

Key Takeaway

Shawn Porter believes that Francis Ngannou’s lack of experience in boxing and his unfamiliarity with the sport cost him the fight against Tyson Fury. However, Porter sees Ngannou’s strength, athleticism, and potential as key factors that could make him a formidable opponent in the heavyweight division.

Impressive First Boxing Match

In his first-ever boxing match, Francis Ngannou showed promise and put on a good performance against Tyson Fury. Despite losing by split decision, Ngannou demonstrated his strength and even managed to knock down Fury in the 3rd round.

Potential for a Promising Boxing Career

Shawn Porter, with his expertise in boxing, believes that Ngannou’s lack of experience and boxing mechanics were evident in the fight. However, he also acknowledges that with more fights and familiarity with the sport, Ngannou could develop into a decent heavyweight boxer.

Size, Strength, and Skills

Porter highlights Ngannou’s physical attributes, including his size, strength, and athleticism, as advantages that could pose a challenge to other heavyweight fighters. According to Porter, once Ngannou finds his pace and improves his execution, he has the potential to trouble opponents and showcase his skills in the ring.

Age as an Advantage

Despite being 37 years old, Porter believes that Ngannou can still make an impact in boxing. He explains that heavyweights tend to age slower compared to fighters in other weight classes, and Ngannou has yet to reach his prime in the sport.

Fury’s Performance and Next Opponent

While Porter acknowledges that Tyson Fury didn’t perform at his best, he doesn’t take away anything from Ngannou’s debut. Porter highlights that a decision regarding Ngannou’s next opponent is close, indicating that he will have more opportunities to showcase his skills and prove himself in the boxing world.

It seems that Francis Ngannou’s foray into the world of boxing has caught the attention of experts, with Shawn Porter recognizing his potential and envisioning a future as a formidable heavyweight boxer. As Ngannou’s journey continues, fans eagerly await his next fight and the opportunity to witness his growth and development in the sport.