Stipe Miocic Balances Firefighting And Training For Jon Jones Fight


While his highly anticipated match against Jon Jones at Madison Square Garden is just around the corner, Stipe Miocic, widely regarded as the greatest heavyweight mixed martial artist of all time, continues to serve as a dedicated firefighter in his home state of Ohio. Despite Jones suggesting that Miocic take time off from his firefighter duties to focus solely on his upcoming fight, the heavyweight champion remains committed to both his career in the octagon and his duty to protect the community.

Key Takeaway

Stipe Miocic refuses to prioritize his fighting career over his firefighter responsibilities, showing his dedication and strong work ethic.

Choosing to Serve, Inside and Outside the Octagon

Miocic, who has been a firefighter for over a decade, acknowledges the importance of his day job and has no plans to step away from it while preparing for the biggest fight of his career. When asked if he had temporarily left the department ahead of the title fight at MSG, Miocic calmly replied, “No, I’m working tomorrow, but I have days off, vacation days, and stuff so. I’m pretty lucky the fight’s in November ’cause a lot of guys don’t take off, so it’s easy for me to take time off that time of year.”

His decision to remain on active duty while training for such a significant bout speaks volumes about Miocic’s character and work ethic. The renowned fighter attributes his strong work ethic to his upbringing, crediting his mother for instilling the values of hard work and perseverance.

Preparing for the Fight of a Lifetime

Having not fought in over two and a half years since his loss to Francis Ngannou at UFC 260, Miocic is determined to reclaim his throne. Before the Ngannou rematch, Miocic triumphed over the likes of Daniel Cormier, defeating him twice.

With Cormier having faced Jon Jones on two separate occasions during his career, Miocic was asked if he sought out his friend’s advice on how to approach the fight against Jones. Miocic replied, “We’re friends, but I haven’t really asked. That man’s a busy man. DC, I give him credit, he’s so busy, but I get it, he’s doing stuff. I’m never gonna bother him. If he ever called me, yeah, for sure I’d talk to him, but that’s it.”

A Legend Faces His Most Ferocious Challenge

As the highly anticipated showdown between Miocic and Jones approaches, fight fans and experts eagerly anticipate the outcome. Miocic remains calm and focused, believing in his abilities to come out victorious against one of the most dangerous MMA fighters of all time. Despite the tough opponents he has faced, including Ngannou, Mark Hunt, Alistair Overeem, Junior dos Santos, and more, Miocic is confident in his ability to overcome the challenges and cement his legacy as a true heavyweight GOAT.

Mark your calendars for November 11th when Miocic and Jones clash at UFC 295 in New York City. The octagon will witness a battle of epic proportions as Miocic proves once again that hard work, dedication, and a fighter’s spirit can conquer any challenge.