Boxer Jared Anderson Arrested In Ohio, Facing Firearm And OVI Charges


Heavyweight boxing sensation, Jared “Big Baby” Anderson, has found himself in legal trouble after being arrested in Ohio. The talented boxer, often touted as a future champion by none other than Tyson Fury, was apprehended by the Oregon Police Department in the early hours of Monday morning.

Key Takeaway

Jared Anderson, the promising heavyweight boxer known as “Big Baby,” has been arrested in Ohio on firearm and OVI charges. Despite Anderson’s blood alcohol content being below the legal limit, a firearm found in his vehicle has led to serious charges. This incident comes shortly after Tyson Fury praised Anderson as the future champion in the heavyweight division.

The Arrest

The incident took place around 1 AM when an officer observed Anderson driving his ’23 Dodge Charger 55 in a 40 MPH zone. Initially pulled over for speeding, Anderson’s encounter with the police quickly escalated. The officer claimed to have detected the faint smell of burnt marijuana and alcohol on Anderson’s breath, and also noticed an open bottle of Don Julio tequila in the vehicle.

Concerned by Anderson’s apparent intoxication, the officer administered a blood alcohol content test. Surprisingly, the result was below the legal limit, with Anderson recording a .038. However, during a subsequent search of the vehicle, law enforcement officials discovered a firearm in the glovebox.

The Charges

Lucas County jail records reveal that the 23-year-old boxer is now facing two charges. The first is improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle while knowingly transporting under the influence. The second charge is operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI). Often used to charge individuals operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, OVI is a serious offense.

Fury’s Praise and Anderson’s Boxing Career

The news of Anderson’s arrest comes just days after Tyson Fury hailed him as the next star of the heavyweight division. Prior to his bout with Francis Ngannou, Fury spoke highly of Anderson, proclaiming him to be the future champion and the heir to the throne.

Anderson’s boxing journey began during his teenage years, and he has since accumulated several championship victories, including the Elite National Championships and the National Golden Gloves. His most recent fight was against Andrii Rudenko in August, which Anderson emerged victorious from through a TKO.