Ryan Blaney Reflects On Winning The 2023 Cup Series And Plans For Celebration


After securing the 2023 Cup Series championship, Ryan Blaney is basking in the glow of his monumental achievement. As the celebration continues, NASCAR star Ryan Blaney shares his plans for a well-deserved vacation and spending quality time with his team.

Key Takeaway

Ryan Blaney, the 2023 Cup Series champion, plans to celebrate his victory by going on a vacation and spending quality time with his team. He acknowledges the vital role his family played in shaping his racing career and expresses gratitude for their support. Blaney remains focused on enjoying the present while keeping an eye on the upcoming season.

A Celebration Well Deserved

With the Cup Series title triumph still fresh in his mind, Blaney revealed that he had a vacation planned even before his championship win. He expressed his excitement for the upcoming getaway and how the victory adds to the specialness of the trip.

However, the 29-year-old driver emphasized that he is equally looking forward to reconnecting with the team responsible for their outstanding season. Blaney expressed his eagerness to visit the race shop and meet all the talented men and women at Team Penske’s North Carolina facility, recognizing the significance of sharing this special moment with them.

A Racing Legacy

Blaney comes from a family deeply rooted in racing. His father, Dave, has nearly 500 NASCAR starts to his name, and his grandfather was also a driver, mainly on dirt tracks. This rich racing lineage served as a tremendous inspiration for the newly crowned champion.

Reflecting on his childhood, Blaney expressed his gratitude for growing up around the sport and being influenced by his father’s racing career. He credits his dad for instilling his early passion for racing and providing unwavering support throughout his journey.

Blaney sincerely appreciates his family’s continued involvement and support, both during his upbringing and as he navigates adulthood. Their unwavering support has played a vital role in his success, and he acknowledges that he can never thank them enough.

Looking Ahead

While the focus naturally shifts to the upcoming season, Blaney remains grounded in savoring the current victory. He acknowledges the importance of enjoying the present moment and not getting too caught up in future plans just yet.

Blaney is fully prepared to channel his attention to the next season when the time is right. As January approaches, he will shift his focus and diligently strategize how to secure another championship. Until then, he remains fully committed to savoring this victorious moment.