Roger Goodell Credits Taylor Swift For Boosting NFL Popularity


The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, has attributed the surge in the league’s popularity to what he calls the “Taylor Swift effect.” During his annual Super Bowl press conference in Vegas, Goodell acknowledged the positive impact of the pop superstar’s relationship with Travis Kelce on the league’s viewership.

Key Takeaway

Roger Goodell acknowledges the significant influence of Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce in boosting the NFL’s popularity, highlighting her appeal to a diverse audience and the positive impact on viewership.

Taylor Swift’s Influence

Goodell praised the influence of Taylor Swift, stating that her presence has been massive for the organization. He emphasized that both Travis and Taylor are wonderful young people and that Swift’s love for NFL football has contributed to the league’s appeal. He also highlighted the positive impact of having Swift and her dedicated fanbase on board, creating a buzz and inspiring young women to tune in to games.

Unscripted Relationship

Addressing speculations about the authenticity of the relationship, Goodell jokingly dismissed the idea that the league could have scripted something as impactful as the association between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. He expressed his disbelief in the league’s ability to orchestrate such a compelling narrative.

Record-Breaking Ratings

Goodell’s positive remarks come in the wake of record-breaking ratings for the NFL. The postseason has seen an average of 38.5 million viewers, marking the highest viewership in decades and reflecting the immense success of the league’s recent seasons.