The Miz Envisions Travis Kelce And Jason Kelce Tag Teaming In WWE


Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs superstar, has caught the attention of WWE Superstar The Miz. The Miz expressed his enthusiasm about the idea of Travis and his brother, Jason Kelce, joining the world of wrestling. In a recent interview, The Miz revealed that he has been in talks with Travis about the possibility of him stepping into the squared-circle, following in the footsteps of other NFL players like Rob Gronkowski and George Kittle who have ventured into wrestling.

Key Takeaway

The WWE universe could witness the entry of NFL stars Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce into the wrestling world, with The Miz showing keen interest in the prospect of the Kelce brothers making a special appearance at WrestleMania.

WrestleMania Appearance and NFL Stars in WWE

The Miz shared his thoughts on the potential collaboration, suggesting that it would be ideal for the Kelce brothers to make a special appearance at WrestleMania, especially since the event is set to take place in Philadelphia, a city with strong ties to Jason Kelce. Drawing from his own experience of facing NFL stars in the ring, such as George Kittle and Pat McAfee, The Miz is excited about the prospect of the Kelces bringing their talent to the WWE.

Furthermore, The Miz highlighted the potential positive impact of the Kelces' involvement in WWE, likening it to the "Taylor Swift effect" and the boost it could bring to the organization, similar to what Roger Goodell's association with Taylor Swift has achieved.

Potential Super Bowl Run for Joe Flacco

Aside from discussing the Kelces' possible WWE venture, The Miz also shared his views on the NFL, expressing his belief that Joe Flacco has a legitimate chance of leading the Cleveland Browns to the Super Bowl.