Raiders Criticized For Jimmy Garoppolo Birthday Post Hours After Benching QB


In a surprising turn of events, the Las Vegas Raiders have found themselves at the center of controversy after sending birthday wishes to former starting quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. The team’s gesture, which came just hours after Garoppolo was benched, has drawn criticism from fans who view it as insensitive.

Key Takeaway

The Las Vegas Raiders face criticism and backlash from fans for wishing benched quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo a happy birthday. The gesture is seen as insensitive and ironic, considering the recent decision to move on from Garoppolo as the team’s starter. Some fans express frustration with Garoppolo’s performance, while others find it fitting given the team’s struggles this season.

Benched and Birthday Wishes

The decision to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo came as a shock to many fans, as the Raiders announced they would be starting fourth-round pick Aidan O’Connell going forward. Nevertheless, in what seemed like an attempt to extend an olive branch, the team took to social media to wish Garoppolo a happy birthday.

However, this seemingly innocent gesture has been met with backlash and ridicule from fans. Many believe that it is cruel and ironic to wish a player happy birthday right after benching him.

“Y’all messed up for this,” one fan commented. “He gets benched, and then y’all wish him happy birthday. He’s probably like ‘don’t wish me s***!!'”. Another fan expressed their dismay, saying, “Benched him, and now you’re telling us to wish him a happy birthday? Cold game.”

Mixed Reactions from Fans

While some fans were outraged by the Raiders’ birthday wishes, others took the opportunity to criticize Garoppolo’s performance on the field this season. With the team struggling at 3-5, some supporters saw it as a fitting end to Garoppolo’s tenure as the starting quarterback.

“Happy Bench Day, I mean birthday,” one fan sarcastically commented. This sentiment reflects the frustrations of fans who expected more from Garoppolo in his role as the team’s leader.

A Strange Coincidence

Interestingly, this is not the first time an NFL player has been benched on their birthday. In a strange coincidence, former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton experienced a similar situation during his time with the team.

While it may have been a tough day for Garoppolo, it is worth noting that he recently signed a lucrative three-year, $72.5 million deal with the Raiders. Despite being benched, he can take solace in his financial security.