Race Car Driver Christy Georges-Barnett Strikes Gold With $1 Million Slot Machine Win In Vegas


In a truly extraordinary stroke of luck, race car driver Christy Georges-Barnett recently walked away from a Las Vegas slot machine with over $1 million in winnings. The 63-year-old, known for her skill behind the wheel of USRA Dirt Mods and Super Trucks, hit the jackpot at Caesars Palace on the iconic Vegas Strip.

Key Takeaway

Race car driver Christy Georges-Barnett defied the odds and won over

million at a slot machine in Las Vegas.

A Moment of Euphoria and Shock

A bystander at the luxury hotel and casino captured the incredible moment on TikTok, showing Barnett’s ecstatic reaction as she realized her monumental win. With euphoric disbelief, she shouted, “It’s a million dollars!” as the crowd looked on, equally stunned. The camera zoomed in to give viewers a clear view of the winning jackpot, which totaled an impressive sum of over $1.18 million.

From Dirt Bikes to Dirt Track Championships

Christy Georges-Barnett’s passion for racing began when she purchased a dirt bike at the age of 20. Since then, she has made waves in the racing world, boasting an impressive list of accomplishments. As a 4-time Dirt Track Pro Stock Track champion, a 4-time Open Wheel Dirt Modified Track champion, and a 2-time 3-wheeler Flat Track champ (250cc), her racing prowess is undeniable.

A Trailblazer in Motorsports

Georges-Barnett’s racing accolades extend beyond dirt tracks. She holds the distinction of being the only woman to win a UMP Dirty National title and the fastest woman in a NASCAR at Bonneville Salt Flats, where she reached an impressive speed of 208 MPH.

Racing Runs in the Family

Christy’s husband, Sherman Barnett, is also no stranger to speed. They share a love for all things racing, with Sherman participating in stock cars, Super Trucks, Modifieds, Xmods, and Late models. With their newfound fortune, the couple might consider investing in a high-performance vehicle to further fuel their shared passion.

Congratulations to Christy Georges-Barnett on this extraordinary win!