Priscilla Presley Faces Lawsuit Over Financial Partnership


Priscilla Presley, the former wife of music icon Elvis Presley, is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Brigitte Kruse, who alleges that they formed a business partnership in 2022 to assist Priscilla with her financial challenges. According to legal documents filed in September 2023, Kruse claims that they established a company called Priscilla Presley Partners with the intention of managing Priscilla’s business and personal affairs to prevent her from facing financial ruin and public embarrassment.

Key Takeaway

Priscilla Presley is currently facing legal action from Brigitte Kruse over their financial partnership, with allegations of impending financial collapse and misappropriation of assets being central to the dispute.

Allegations of Financial Distress

Brigitte Kruse asserts that at the time of their partnership, Priscilla was on the verge of insolvency, grappling with nearly $700,000 in unpaid tax debt and uncertain future income. Kruse alleges that Priscilla was approximately 60 days away from financial collapse. She further claims to have invested significant resources in developing projects associated with Sofia Coppola’s recent “Priscilla” movie, only to be cut off from communication by Priscilla in August 2023, thereby being excluded from potential earnings.

Legal Dispute and Counterclaims

As a response to the lawsuit, Priscilla has filed a motion to dismiss, contending that she sought to terminate the arrangement upon discovering alleged attempts by Kruse and her associate to misappropriate her assets and engage in other wrongful acts. Her attorney, Marty Singer, has vehemently refuted the claims made in the lawsuit, asserting that they lack merit. Singer has also indicated that Priscilla has made substantial counterclaims against Priscilla Presley Partners and its principals for purportedly misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars prior to the filing of the lawsuit.

The case is ongoing, and its resolution remains pending at this time.