Jacob Elordi Immersed Himself In The Role Of Elvis With A Unique Method Acting Technique


Jacob Elordi’s portrayal of Elvis Presley in Sofia Coppola’s latest film, “Priscilla,” has garnered attention and raised eyebrows. The British actor revealed in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that he took method acting to a whole new level by using bacon to get into character.

Key Takeaway

Jacob Elordi used a unique method acting technique by consuming a pound of bacon per day to immerse himself in the role of Elvis Presley. This approach, inspired by Priscilla Presley’s stories of Elvis’ love for pork, aimed to capture the essence of the iconic musician’s eating habits. While controversial, Elordi’s commitment to the role has been recognized for its accuracy.

The Bacon Connection

During a roundtable discussion, Coppola shared that Elordi consumed a significant amount of bacon on set. Elordi confirmed this, admitting that he would consume around a pound of bacon per day while working. This peculiar technique was inspired by Priscilla Presley herself, who had shared stories about Elvis’ love for pork.

Elordi’s dedication to method acting involved aligning his eating habits with those of Elvis, who was known for his indulgence in high-fat foods. Although Elordi admitted that he gained some weight during the process, it went largely unnoticed thanks to his fortunate ability to hide it.

A Contrast in Method Acting Approaches

Elordi’s bacon-filled method acting approach stands in contrast to Austin Butler’s portrayal of Elvis in a different project. Butler was known for keeping the Elvis persona alive even when the cameras were not rolling, using his Elvis voice in everyday situations. While some praised Butler’s commitment, others ridiculed it.

Interestingly, Coppola herself commented that Elordi’s technique may have paid off in terms of accuracy. She revealed that Priscilla Presley had attended a screening of the film and remarked that Elordi’s voice sounded just like Elvis did in the past.

Focusing on the Relationship

“Priscilla” has received positive reviews, but it has not been without controversy. While previous Elvis films often glossed over his relationship with Priscilla, this project delves into their complex dynamic and how they came together. The courtship between Elvis and a teenage Priscilla has raised eyebrows, especially in the context of present-day discussions surrounding consent.

Despite the mixed reactions, the film has been praised for its portrayal of Elvis and Priscilla’s relationship. It is worth noting that although Elvis’ estate has expressed displeasure with Coppola’s characterization of the icon, Priscilla Presley herself has been supportive of the project from the beginning, as it is based on her memoir.