Polo G’s Brother Trench Baby Faces Murder Charges In Connection With Drive-By Shooting


Polo G’s younger brother, known as Trench Baby, has recently been arrested and charged with murder following a tragic drive-by shooting incident in North Hollywood. The accused, whose real name is Taurean Bartlett, is currently in custody, facing serious felony charges in connection with the death of a 20-year-old man named Dashaun Berry.

Key Takeaway

Polo G’s brother, Trench Baby, has been charged with murder in connection with a drive-by shooting that took place in North Hollywood. The accused faces additional charges for residential robbery and dissuading a witness. Trench Baby is currently in custody, awaiting further legal proceedings.

Accusations and Investigation

Law enforcement sources have revealed that Trench Baby stands accused of committing the murder during the early hours of June 10th, in a parking lot located in North Hollywood. When paramedics arrived at the scene around 1:30 AM, they discovered Berry suffering from gunshot wounds and sadly pronounced him deceased.

Authorities suspect that this drive-by shooting is just one in a series of crimes allegedly perpetrated by Trench Baby in the following months. In addition to the murder charge, he is also being charged with first-degree residential robbery for an incident occurring on August 15th. Furthermore, an additional charge of dissuading a witness by force or threat on September 10th has been filed, which is believed to involve the same individual.

Arrest and Ongoing Investigation

The arrest of Polo G and Trench Baby came shortly after the alleged August robbery, when police swarmed their Los Angeles home. They were taken into custody as part of the ongoing investigation. It is worth noting that both brothers were also under scrutiny for an alleged altercation involving a woman in a Burbank studio. However, prosecutors concluded that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with charges in relation to that incident.

Current Legal Status

Trench Baby is currently being held without bail as a result of the murder charges he is facing. The criminal proceedings will continue as the investigation unfolds, shedding light on the tragic drive-by shooting that claimed the life of Dashaun Berry.