Polo G’s “Hood Poet” Album Faces Setback Due To Felony Arrests


Rapper Polo G’s highly anticipated album, “Hood Poet,” is facing a delay in its release due to the artist’s recent encounters with the law. Despite this setback, Polo G reassures fans that the delay will not affect his upcoming tour schedule.

Key Takeaway

Polo G’s “Hood Poet” album is facing a delay due to his recent arrests, but the rapper’s touring schedule remains unaffected. Despite the legal challenges he is currently dealing with, Polo G remains dedicated to delivering quality music to his fans.

Arrests and Legal Troubles

In a series of unfortunate events, Polo G and his brother Trench Baby found themselves on the wrong side of the law. They were arrested twice within 24 hours in late August, resulting in charges of gun possession for Polo G and robbery for his brother.

During the police raid on Polo G’s home, authorities reportedly discovered numerous firearms and even a small quantity of drugs. These charges have understandably overshadowed the release of his new album.

A Minor Setback

Polo G expressed his disappointment in the delay of “Hood Poet” but emphasized that it is only a minor setback. The rapper remains committed to producing quality music for his loyal fanbase, regardless of the legal hurdles he currently faces.

Touring Plans Remain Unchanged

Despite the album delay, Polo G’s tour schedule remains intact. Fans can still look forward to his performances in various locations, including New Mexico in October, several European cities in November, and a concert in Canada in December.

It is commendable that Polo G is determined to fulfill his commitments to his fans and deliver the live experiences they have been eagerly anticipating.