Peyton Manning Takes On Punting With Pat McAfee In Hilarious Reunion


Former NFL quarterback, Peyton Manning, and ex-punter, Pat McAfee, had a hilarious reunion on the football field as McAfee trained Manning in the art of punting. The duo came together for a Halloween episode of Peyton Places on ESPN+, where Manning got a personal tutorial on perfecting the “coffin corner” punt.

Key Takeaway

Peyton Manning teams up with Pat McAfee in a Halloween special episode of Peyton Places, where Manning learns the art of punting and attempts the challenging coffin corner punt.

In this episode, Manning and McAfee reunited at Lucas Oil Stadium, reminiscing about their time as teammates on the Indianapolis Colts. The goal was to entertain viewers while Manning attempted the challenging coffin corner punt, which involves kicking the ball between the opponent’s 5-yard line and the endzone, putting the opposing team’s offense in a difficult position.

The segment showcased a literal coffin placed on the field as the target, adding to the festive Halloween theme. While wearing a vest and slacks, Manning made several attempts before finding success. McAfee, a two-time Pro Bowl punter with an impressive record, provided guidance and encouragement throughout the training session.

The reunion between Manning and McAfee reminded fans of their time together on the Colts from 2009 to 2011. Following that period, Manning went on to sign with the Denver Broncos, where he eventually won his second Super Bowl.

Both Manning and McAfee have transitioned into the world of television since retiring from professional football. McAfee now has his own show on ESPN, while Manning is known for the popular “Monday Night Football” Manningcast, which he co-hosts with his brother, Eli Manning, and airs on ESPN 2.

Their recent collaboration showed that Manning’s skills extend beyond his role as a quarterback. With McAfee’s guidance, Manning’s punting abilities were on full display during the episode. The humorous training session demonstrated their enduring camaraderie and left fans entertained by their on-field antics.

With Manning now adding punting to his repertoire, it seems there’s no limit to the versatility of this NFL legend. The reunion between Manning and McAfee proved once again that they are a dynamic duo, even when it comes to unconventional football skills.