Aaron Rodgers Makes Surprise Appearance On Pat McAfee Show


Aaron Rodgers made a surprise appearance on the Pat McAfee show, just a day after McAfee announced that the NFL MVP would no longer be appearing on the show for the season. The two stuck to discussing sports, particularly Bill Belichick and Nick Saban’s departures in New England and Alabama, without delving into any other controversial topics such as Jeffrey Epstein, Jimmy Kimmel, Anthony Fauci, or COVID-19.

Key Takeaway

Aaron Rodgers made an unexpected appearance on the Pat McAfee show, discussing sports and dispelling any rumors of a fallout between him and McAfee.

Unplanned Appearance

The brief visit, which lasted around 5 minutes, might not have been noteworthy if not for McAfee’s announcement the day before, declaring that Rodgers’ appearances for the season were over. McAfee expressed relief at the news, stating that he was happy that Rodgers would not be in his mentions going forward. However, this announcement led to some fans expressing anger, perceiving McAfee as turning his back on Rodgers. Rodgers’ appearance on Thursday seems to dispel any speculation of a rift between the two, and McAfee addressed some of the reactions he received, clarifying that Rodgers wasn’t joining on Tuesdays because his football season is over and he wants to enjoy his time off.

Clearing the Air

Following Rodgers’ departure, McAfee reflected on his relationship with the NFL star before continuing with the show, expressing the bond he shares with Rodgers.