Peyton Manning And Luke Bryan Take A Hilarious Swipe At The New York Jets With Taylor Swift Joke At CMAs


Peyton Manning and Luke Bryan brought the laughs at the CMAs (Country Music Awards) on Wednesday night with a joke that left New York Jets fans groaning. As co-hosts of the annual awards show, the NFL Hall of Famer and the country music star kicked off the night with a series of jokes and banter.

Key Takeaway

Peyton Manning and Luke Bryan entertained the audience at the CMAs with a well-timed and humorous reference to Taylor Swift and the struggling New York Jets. This playful joke added a light-hearted touch to the evening’s festivities, showcasing Manning and Bryan’s comedic chemistry as co-hosts.

The Taylor Swift Reference

Unsurprisingly, the duo couldn’t resist mentioning Taylor Swift and her new relationship with Travis Kelce during their opening act. However, the mention quickly took a hilarious turn towards the struggling New York Jets. Manning, mic in hand, turned to Bryan and asked, “Luke, do you know the difference between Taylor Swift and the New York Jets?”

Bryan, quick on his feet, responded, “Uh, Taylor can sell out a stadium?” This witty remark drew laughter from the audience before Manning delivered the punchline, “You nailed it!” The clever jab at the Jets’ lackluster performance this season received a mixed reaction of both laughs and groans, but Manning quickly added, “I had you do that punchline, Luke, so I wouldn’t get in trouble.”

Manning’s Musical Performance and Bonus Quip

The opening act also featured Peyton Manning showcasing his singing skills by performing some country music classics. Additionally, the dynamic duo couldn’t resist taking a jab at Peyton’s brother, Eli Manning. They joked about Eli getting a face tattoo in honor of Jelly Roll, adding to the lighthearted atmosphere of the evening.

The CMAs proved to be a night of laughter and entertainment for everyone, except perhaps for New York Jets fans who were reminded of their team’s struggles. Manning and Bryan’s comedic timing and playful banter set the tone for an enjoyable night at the awards show.