Orlando Brown Prefers Joe Burrow Over Mahomes And Lamar Jackson In Crunch Time


NFL star Orlando Brown, the Bengals left tackle, recently expressed his preference for quarterback Joe Burrow over Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson in crunch time. Brown, a four-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman, stated that if he needed one quarterback to lead his team on a game-winning drive, he would choose Joe Burrow over Mahomes and Jackson.

Key Takeaway

Orlando Brown, the Bengals left tackle, surprised many by favoring Joe Burrow over Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson when it comes to leading a game-winning drive.


Orlando Brown has played alongside all three quarterbacks during his career. He started in Baltimore, where he protected Lamar Jackson for three seasons before being traded to Kansas City to block for Patrick Mahomes. Brown then joined the Cincinnati Bengals to play alongside Joe Burrow.

Brown’s Choice

Despite his close ties to Mahomes and Jackson, Brown expressed his confidence in Joe Burrow’s ability to deliver in crucial moments. He referred to Burrow as “Joe Scheisty” and emphasized his belief that Burrow could get the job done when it matters most.

Final Thoughts

While acknowledging the difficulty of his decision, Brown made it clear that he stands by his choice of Joe Burrow. His unexpected preference for Burrow over two highly acclaimed quarterbacks has sparked discussions and raised eyebrows in the NFL community.