Bryant McKinnie Believes Brock Purdy Will Enter ‘Elite’ Quarterback Tier With Super Bowl Win


Bryant McKinnie, a former NFL player, has expressed his belief that Brock Purdy, the quarterback for an undisclosed team, will be considered “elite” if he secures a victory at the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII. McKinnie, who obtained an SB victory during the 2012 season, commended Purdy’s performance over the past two years and emphasized that a Super Bowl win would elevate Purdy’s status in the league.

Key Takeaway

Bryant McKinnie believes that a Super Bowl victory would elevate Brock Purdy to the status of an “elite” quarterback, while also acknowledging the potential impact on Patrick Mahomes’ standing in the NFL.

Purdy’s Potential Ascension to Elite Status

McKinnie highlighted that winning the Super Bowl would undoubtedly place Purdy in a different echelon, as it is an achievement that eludes many quarterbacks. He asserted that Purdy’s critics would need to acknowledge his accomplishments and give him the recognition he deserves. McKinnie also suggested that a triumph over Patrick Mahomes, a prominent quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, would solidify Purdy’s position in the top-10 rankings among quarterbacks.

Implications for Patrick Mahomes

Conversely, McKinnie indicated that a victory for Mahomes would further elevate his standing in the NFL, potentially propelling him into discussions for a place on the league’s metaphorical “Mt. Rushmore” of exceptional players.

Reflections on Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens

McKinnie also shared his thoughts on the performance of the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs, expressing disappointment in their outcome. He specifically mentioned his desire for Lamar Jackson, the Ravens’ quarterback, to utilize his running abilities more effectively during the AFC Championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs, suggesting that it could have altered the game’s result.