Brock Purdy Pays Up After Losing Bet To George Kittle: Rocks Iowa Hawkeyes Mascot Head


In a surprising turn of events, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy found himself on the losing end of a friendly wager with teammate George Kittle. After Purdy’s alma mater, Iowa State, suffered a disappointing loss to Kittle’s Iowa Hawkeyes, Purdy was forced to honor their bet by appearing at a press conference wearing a giant Hawkeyes mascot head.

Key Takeaway

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy was seen wearing a Hawkeyes mascot head after losing a bet to teammate George Kittle. This friendly wager between teammates highlights the camaraderie and playful spirit among NFL players. The amusing incident serves as a reminder that even professional athletes can experience unexpected outcomes in college football bets.

A Friendly Wager between Teammates

The camaraderie and friendly competition between teammates often lead to interesting bets, and this time, Purdy and Kittle decided to show their support for their respective college football teams. As Iowa State faced off against Iowa, the two NFL players put their pride on the line and the Cyclones’ loss resulted in an embarrassing outcome for Purdy.

Purdy Accepts the Consequence

True to his word, Purdy arrived at the press conference with a sense of humor, donning the oversized Herky the Hawk mascot head to the amusement of the gathered media. Despite the disappointment of his team’s loss, Purdy embraced the moment and fulfilled his end of the bet.

A Light-hearted Atmosphere

The room was filled with laughter and good spirits as Purdy took the stage wearing the Hawkeyes mascot head. Even Kittle, grateful to the Hawkeyes’ staff for providing the prop, joined in the fun and playfully wore his former mascot’s head as well. The lighthearted gesture showcased the camaraderie among the players.

A Familiar Story in the NFL

Purdy’s experience is not unique among NFL quarterbacks, as another notable player, Aaron Rodgers, had to wear rival gear after his alma mater, Cal, lost to his teammate C.J. Uzomah’s Auburn. These bets between players serve as a reminder to place wagers at your own risk, as even star athletes are not immune to the unpredictable outcomes of college football.