Bengals’ Joe Burrow Shows Generosity, Lends Jake Browning’s Family His Stadium Suite For Colts Game


When it comes to acts of kindness, few things can compare to the gesture made by Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. Despite celebrating his own birthday on Sunday, Burrow went above and beyond by lending Jake Browning’s friends and family his suite seats at Paycor Stadium for the Bengals’ game against the Colts.

Key Takeaway

Joe Burrow, in a generous act of kindness, lent his stadium suite seats to Jake Browning’s friends and family for the Bengals’ game against the Colts. Browning expressed gratitude and praised Burrow’s gesture after securing the victory. Browning’s impressive performance in front of his loved ones added to the memorable experience.

A Special Gift for Jake Browning’s Loved Ones

Jake Browning, the Bengals’ backup quarterback, had his longtime girlfriend, Stephanie Niles, as well as his siblings and friends from his hometown join him in Cincinnati to witness his start against the Colts. Thanks to Burrow’s generosity, they were able to enjoy the game in utmost comfort from the suite.

Browning, grateful for Burrow’s kind gesture, expressed his appreciation during his postgame press conference after the Bengals secured a 34-14 victory over the Colts. He made it clear that the suite wasn’t his, acknowledging, “Well, first of all, it is not my box. I did not buy that in the preseason–it’s very expensive.”

Browning went on to explain, “So, Joe Burrow was nice enough to give them some tickets so they didn’t have to sit up in the cold. We’re all from California, so I’m used to it, but they’re not. I’m sure they were much more excited in the box.”

The Importance of Support and Celebration

Browning expressed his delight at having his loved ones there, emphasizing the significance of their presence. He stated, “It’s awesome to have them here. It’s always nice to have people there, and it’s especially enjoyable to celebrate after a win by going out for dinner or something.”

Browning’s impressive performance in front of his guests further added to the memorable experience. During the game, he threw for 275 yards and two touchdowns, showcasing his skills on the field. This exceptional display came just a week after Browning secured his first career win and earned AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors in a game against the Jaguars.