New Restraining Order Granted In Nina Agdal Vs. Dillon Danis Case


Despite being given ample opportunity to respond, Dillon Danis, renowned for his online trolling antics, failed to appear at a recent hearing in the case of the temporary restraining order requested by Nina Agdal. The order, originally granted on September 7, prohibits Danis and anyone associated with him from posting sexually explicit images of Agdal. The judge subsequently granted the restraining order after Danis neglected to file his opposition papers within the allocated timeframe.

Key Takeaway

Nina Agdal has been granted a restraining order against Dillon Danis, who failed to attend a recent hearing on the matter. The order prohibits Danis and his associates from posting any sexually explicit images of Agdal. This case demonstrates the significance of taking legal action to protect one’s emotional well-being and reputation in the face of online harassment.

Background on the Case

Nina Agdal, a well-known model, recently took legal action against Dillon Danis, known for his participation in a highly publicized boxing match against Logan Paul. Agdal filed a lawsuit against Danis for consistently posting derogatory and offensive content about her on social media following the announcement of his fight against Paul. Agdal’s legal team argued that Danis’ actions were causing her significant emotional distress and damaging her reputation.

Failure to Attend Hearing

Danis’ failure to attend the hearing raises questions about his commitment to the case and his disregard for legal proceedings. Despite being aware of the hearing date, he neglected to show up or file his opposition papers. This lack of engagement with the court’s proceedings likely contributed to the judge’s decision to grant the restraining order.

Impact of the Restraining Order

The restraining order will remain in effect until further notice from the judge. Its purpose is to protect Agdal from any further harm caused by Danis’ online actions. The order specifically prohibits Danis and anyone affiliated with him from posting any sexually explicit images of Agdal. Violation of the order could result in severe consequences for Danis, including potential legal repercussions.


The granting of the restraining order highlights the seriousness of the situation between Nina Agdal and Dillon Danis. Agdal’s legal team successfully argued that the explicit images posted by Danis were causing her substantial emotional distress and reputational harm. It is now crucial for Danis to take the necessary steps to comply with the court’s orders and respect the boundaries set forth by the legal system.