New Podcast Alert: Suge Knight Launches “Collect Calls With Suge Knight” From Prison


Despite being incarcerated, renowned music executive Suge Knight is refusing to let his voice be silenced. Knight has announced the launch of his highly-anticipated podcast, “Collect Calls With Suge Knight,” set to debut on Halloween of 2023. In collaboration with Breakbeat Media CEO and The Source magazine co-founder, Dave Mays, Knight plans to captivate listeners with candid conversations surrounding the hip hop industry.

Key Takeaway

Suge Knight’s new podcast, “Collect Calls With Suge Knight,” offers an unprecedented opportunity to gain insights directly from the legendary music executive while he serves time in prison. With a focus on addressing hip hop-related controversies and sharing wisdom with the next generation, Knight’s podcast is set to captivate listeners and shed light on his storied career.

Bringing Unfiltered Conversations to the Forefront

Knight aims to delve into various topics within the hip hop realm, responding to the relentless media coverage and speculation surrounding his name. With half-hour episodes already recorded and ready for release, Knight leaves no stone unturned. Notably, he will shed light on the current ownership of Death Row Records, commenting on Snoop Dogg’s association with the iconic brand. As a central figure in the industry, Knight has had significant interactions with artists such as Master P, Wack 100, Warren G, and Akon.

Lessons from Experience and a Platform for Connection

Although the podcast promises intriguing discussions, it is far from a mere mudslinging exercise. Knight, drawing from his extensive experiences, intends to provide inspiration and guidance to the younger generation. He plans to connect aspiring artists with industry veterans and actively encourages audience participation, with opportunities for fans to pose questions directly to him.

A Weekly Release Schedule and Exclusive Insights

The podcast will be released on a weekly basis, with audio episodes premiering every Thursday and video episodes available on major platforms every Friday. Listeners can receive a sneak peek of the inaugural conversation on October 24. Breakbeat Media will distribute the podcast, ensuring it reaches a wide audience.