Suge Knight Denies Involvement In Fake Social Media Posts, Including Alleged Disparagement Of Snoop Dogg


Suge Knight has come forward to address the recent flurry of controversial social media posts that have sparked rumors about Tupac, Snoop Dogg, and Diddy. The music mogul denies any association with these posts, claiming that his Twitter and Facebook accounts have been compromised by hackers.

Key Takeaway

Suge Knight has disavowed the controversial social media posts, attributing them to hacking and emphasizing that his official social media presence is solely on Instagram.

Denial of Involvement and Reputation

Suge Knight has vehemently denied any involvement in the provocative social media content, asserting that he does not have access to the accounts in question. According to Suge, the unauthorized posts, which include excerpts from his “Collect Call” podcast and vintage photographs, are part of a deliberate effort to tarnish his reputation.

Stress and Condemnation

Currently serving a 28-year prison sentence, Suge Knight has expressed the immense stress caused by the unauthorized social media activity. He has condemned the posts and emphasized that while he stands by his statements, he cannot endorse the content that has surfaced on these compromised accounts.

Authenticity and Official Account

Suge Knight has underscored that his only official social media presence is on Instagram. He has emphasized that the contentious posts do not align with his intentions and has called for the removal of the hacker responsible for the unauthorized activity on Twitter and Facebook.