New NSYNC Song Revealed For ‘Trolls’ Sequel


Fans of *NSYNC will finally get to hear a new song from the group. The 5 boys joined forces in the studio to create a track for the new ‘Trolls’ movie.

Key Takeaway

*NSYNC has released a new song, “Better Place,” for the upcoming ‘Trolls’ movie sequel. Although the group has no plans for a full reunion or new album, fans can look forward to enjoying their latest track.

Introducing “Better Place”

The song, titled “Better Place,” was announced towards the end of the latest trailer for “Trolls Band Together.” The trailer premiered on Wednesday night, giving people a glimpse of what will likely become a new hit, especially considering the fact that the last time they recorded a song was in 2002.

A Perfect Fit for the Movie

Teasing the Fans

No Album or Tour Plans

A Fiery VMA Reunion

Patience is Key

Those eager to listen to the complete song will have to wait until September 29th, although snippets are already appearing on TikTok. For now, that will have to satisfy their die-hard fans!