Justin Timberlake And *NSYNC Reunite At ‘Trolls’ Premiere


Justin Timberlake made his first public appearance since the explosive revelations made by Britney Spears in her memoir, and he did so in grand style. The singer attended the premiere of ‘Trolls’ in Los Angeles, accompanied by his wife, Jessica Biel, creating a united front amidst the controversy surrounding him. However, what stole the show was the reunion of Timberlake with his former boy band members, *NSYNC, who also graced the red carpet and posed for group photos.

Key Takeaway

Justin Timberlake, accompanied by his wife Jessica Biel, attended the ‘Trolls’ premiere amidst controversy surrounding the revelations made by Britney Spears in her memoir. The reunion of Timberlake with his former boy band *NSYNC added to the excitement surrounding the event. It remains to be seen if this public appearance will influence the box office performance of ‘Trolls 3’ and potentially alter public opinion of Timberlake.

Reuniting for a Last-Minute Plan

It was revealed that *NSYNC had devised a last-minute plan to attend the ‘Trolls’ premiere, as their movie is set to hit theaters this weekend. With the SAG-AFTRA strike recently resolved, the studio sought to generate some last-minute buzz for the film. The presence of the former boy band members alongside Timberlake certainly added to the excitement surrounding the event.

Overcoming Controversy

Throughout the past month, Timberlake’s name has repeatedly come up in relation to the revelations made by his ex-girlfriend, Britney Spears. Her memoir shed light on their past relationship, including allegations of infidelity and a traumatic abortion. While Timberlake chose to remain silent during the Twitter storm that followed, his appearance at the premiere with a beaming smile suggests that he is ready to move forward.

The Behind-the-Scenes Impact

The question remains whether Timberlake’s public appearance alongside his wife and former band members will have an impact on the box office performance of ‘Trolls 3’. The wider takeaway from this event, however, is Timberlake’s ability to weather the storm and show resilience amidst controversy. Only time will tell if the public’s perception of him has indeed shifted.