Backstreet Boys Member Howie Dorough Open To Co-Headlining Tour With *NSYNC


A Friendly Gesture

Despite the assumptions of a rivalry between the two iconic groups, Dorough reveals that there is no such animosity. In fact, many members of both bands are good friends. According to Dorough, discussions about the possibility of touring together have likely taken place over the years.

Key Takeaway

Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys is open to the idea of a co-headlining tour with *NSYNC, dispelling any notions of rivalry between the two groups. However, he believes that *NSYNC should be given their own spotlight first due to their current relevancy.

Timing is Everything

With *NSYNC recently releasing a new song for Justin Timberlake’s latest ‘Trolls’ movie, the excitement surrounding the group is at an all-time high. Dorough emphasizes the importance of giving *NSYNC their own spotlight, as there is currently significant interest in their music. He believes that if a joint tour with the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC were to happen, *NSYNC should have the opportunity to shine first.

Keeping Expectations in Check

While JC Chasez and Lance Bass have hinted at the possibility of a reunion tour, nothing has been confirmed yet. Dorough advises fans to remain patient and not get their hopes up until official announcements are made. Until then, it’s best to enjoy the new *NSYNC song and take things one day at a time.