New Claim Disputes Britney Spears’ Allegation Against Justin Timberlake


In a surprising turn of events, R&B singer Ginuwine has come forward to challenge one of the claims made in Britney Spears’ recent memoir. The memoir, titled “The Woman in Me,” includes an allegation that Justin Timberlake, while dating Spears, acted black and used excessive slang when they bumped into Ginuwine back in the day.

Key Takeaway

Ginuwine denies Britney Spears’ claim that Justin Timberlake “acted black” during a chance encounter. He asserts that he would have noticed if Timberlake had been overly trying to fit in.

Contrary to Spears’ recollection, Ginuwine adamantly denies any memory of Timberlake “acting black” during their encounter. In an exclusive interview with People, Ginuwine stated that he remained the same person he was back in the early 2000s. He emphasized that had Timberlake been trying too hard to fit in, he would have undoubtedly noticed and questioned him on the spot.

Claim of Racially Merged Boy Bands

Spears’ memoir also included a claim that *NSYNC, Timberlake’s former boy band, intentionally associated with Black artists, while their rivals, the Backstreet Boys, positioned themselves as a primarily white group.

Although Timberlake has yet to respond directly to Spears’ allegations, his fellow *NSYNC members have publicly shown their support for him. Earlier this year, they even returned to the Billboard charts with their new song “Better Place” from the movie ‘Trolls.’

As the dispute continues to unfold, some question whether it was D’Angelo, not Ginuwine, whom Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake encountered that day. Only time will tell.