New Netflix Deal: Kim Kardashian’s Female-Driven Comedy Film


Kim Kardashian has just landed a major deal with Netflix for her upcoming comedy movie, “The Fifth Wheel.” The news broke on Sunday after a fierce bidding war between five different studios, with Netflix emerging victorious. While the exact amount of the deal remains undisclosed, it is clear that Netflix saw great potential in Kim’s project.

Key Takeaway

Kim Kardashian has secured a deal with Netflix for her upcoming female-driven comedy movie, “The Fifth Wheel.” She will star in the film and serve as a producer, alongside co-writers Paula Pell and Janine Brito. The project generated immense interest in Hollywood, highlighting Kim’s expanding reach in the entertainment industry.

The Concept

“The Fifth Wheel” is a female-driven ensemble comedy, with Kim Kardashian playing the lead role. The plot details are being kept under wraps for now, but the idea was conceived by co-writers Paula Pell and Janine Brito, who immediately thought of Kim for the part. Together, they sold the concept to Netflix and will now bring their vision to life on the big screen.

Kim’s Involvement

Kim Kardashian’s participation in the project proved to be a significant draw for studios. She not only agreed to act in the movie but also took on a producer role alongside Pell and possibly others. Kim’s presence in meetings and her star power opened doors for the film and sparked interest among various studios.

A Stellar Team

Paula Pell, a highly regarded TV comedy writer with an impressive resume that includes credits on “SNL,” and Janine Brito, another accomplished TV comedy writer, teamed up to bring their comedic talents to “The Fifth Wheel.” With Pell’s history of working with “SNL” stars, fans can expect an infusion of mid-2010s humor with a Kim Kardashian twist.

Kim’s Expanding Acting Career

This new comedy movie represents a further expansion of Kim Kardashian’s acting career. Earlier this year, she received positive reviews for her role on “AHS” and has taken on various smaller acting roles in the past. However, leading a comedy film is a significant milestone that showcases her growing talent and range as an actress.

Netflix’s decision to acquire “The Fifth Wheel” demonstrates their commitment to investing in mid-budget films, with reports suggesting a budget ranging from $30 to $80 million. With Kim Kardashian’s star power and the comedic talents of Pell and Brito, audiences can anticipate an entertaining and memorable addition to the streaming platform’s lineup.

As Kim Kardashian’s empire continues to grow, her involvement in this new comedy film signifies her determination to explore new opportunities and expand her flourishing career beyond reality television.