Kim Kardashian’s New Comedy Coming To Netflix: “La Quinta Rueda”


Kim Kardashian is making the leap from Hulu to Netflix – at least for movies, anyway – as she has just sold her upcoming comedy to the streaming giant. This comes after a lot of interest and a bidding war between five different studios.

Key Takeaway

Kim Kardashian has sold her upcoming comedy film, “La Quinta Rueda,” to Netflix after a fierce bidding war with five other studios. She will star as the lead and also serve as a producer. The plot details are being kept secret, but it is expected to showcase the comedy writing prowess of co-writers Paula Pell and Janine Brito.

The news was reported by Deadline on Sunday. The film, titled “La Quinta Rueda” (The Fifth Wheel in English), was sold to Netflix as the winning offer, although the exact amount is not disclosed.

This film is still in the early stages, with the concept being sold by Kim Kardashian and the two co-writers, Paula Pell and Janine Brito. Kim will star as the lead, playing the “fifth wheel” among a group of female actresses.

The plot details are being kept under wraps, but rumor has it that Pell and Brito immediately thought of Kim for this project and approached her. Once she came on board, they started pitching the idea as soon as the actors’ strike ended and collectively went on a shopping spree.

According to Deadline, Kim has been present at many of the meetings, and her involvement has opened doors and garnered interest from several studios. Furthermore, she will not only act but also produce the film, alongside Pell and possibly others.

Pell, like Brito, is an established and well-known comedy television writer. She has an extensive resume, with many credits from “SNL” and having written the film “Sisters” starring Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

Considering Pell’s history with “SNL” stars, we can expect a similar brand of humor from the mid-2010s infused with Kim Kardashian’s star power.

Of course, the most significant aspect here is the fact that Kim is venturing further into the world of acting. She already had a role in “AHS” this year, in addition to smaller roles she has done in the past.

We will see how it turns out. Deadline reports that the film has been selected by Netflix’s “mid-range budget” team, and the streaming platform intends to spend between 30 to 80 million dollars on it.

The empire continues to grow.