Nathan MacKinnon Takes A Puck To The Face, Returns To Game


NHL star Nathan MacKinnon displayed incredible resilience during a recent game when he was struck in the face by a puck, only to return to the ice shortly after. The incident occurred during the second period of the Colorado Avalanche’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, leaving MacKinnon bloodied and visibly shaken.

Key Takeaway

Nathan MacKinnon’s remarkable display of resilience and determination, returning to the game after being struck in the face by a puck, serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to the sport and his team.

Showing True Grit

Despite the significant impact, MacKinnon’s determination and toughness were on full display as he quickly received medical attention and, remarkably, rejoined his teammates with a larger visor on his helmet. His swift return to the game after such a harrowing moment left fans and fellow players in awe of his bravery.

A True Team Player

MacKinnon’s resilience and commitment to his team were evident as he not only reentered the game but also contributed two assists, showcasing his unwavering dedication to the sport and his fellow players. Although the Avalanche ultimately faced a 6-3 defeat against the Lightning, MacKinnon’s remarkable display of courage and sportsmanship undoubtedly left a lasting impression on all who witnessed it.