Missing Carnival Cruise Passenger Kevin McGrath’s Ex-Wife Remains Hopeful


Kevin McGrath, the missing Carnival cruise passenger who disappeared during a trip to the Bahamas, has left his ex-wife, Addison Thomas, hopeful that he is still alive. Despite the lack of information surrounding his whereabouts, Thomas remains optimistic and is eager to see him safely return home.

Key Takeaway

Kevin McGrath’s ex-wife, Addison Thomas, firmly believes he is still alive despite his mysterious disappearance during a Carnival cruise. Despite his troubled past, including being on probation for aggravated assault, Thomas defends his character and emphasizes that he is not a dangerous person. She hopes that he will come forward and reunite with his family.

A Ray of Hope

For Thomas, waking up every morning with the uncertainty of Kevin’s location has been challenging. However, she firmly believes that he would never intentionally abandon his family or his children. Despite their split, Thomas maintains that she had a good relationship with Kevin, who consistently checked in on their kids. His sudden disappearance has left a void in their lives.

A Troubled Past

It was revealed that Kevin McGrath was on probation when he went missing during the Labor Day weekend cruise from Miami to the Bahamas. Earlier in September 2022, he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in Tennessee, having threatened to harm Thomas and their children. As a result, he received six years of supervised probation.

However, despite the legal troubles, Thomas defends Kevin’s character. She describes him as a veteran who served his country and loves his family. She believes that his decision to potentially go on the run is not directly linked to his legal issues. Thomas emphasizes that Kevin is not a dangerous person.

A Message for Kevin

To her ex-husband, if he is out there, Addison Thomas wants him to know that he is not alone. She urges him to reach out and emphasizes that his family is waiting for him. Thomas hopes that Kevin will come forward, providing closure to their loved ones and putting an end to the uncertainty surrounding his disappearance.