Sesame Street Star Sonia Manzano: Memorable Moments On The Beloved TV Show


American actress Sonia Manzano is best known for her iconic role as Maria on the long-running children’s television show, “Sesame Street”. From 1971 to 2015, Manzano portrayed the character who lived and worked at the “Fix-It-Shop” on the famous Sesame Street.

Key Takeaway

Sonia Manzano, known for her role as Maria on “Sesame Street”, contributed to the show’s success and legacy. Her portrayal of Maria, alongside the rest of the dynamic cast, brought joy, education, and music to millions of children.

Joining the Dynamic Cast of Sesame Street

When Manzano was only 21 years old, she became a part of the incredible ensemble cast of “Sesame Street”. Alongside her character’s husband, played by Emilio Delgado, and the memorable music teacher Bob, portrayed by Bob McGrath, Maria brought depth and richness to the beloved show.

Bringing Music and Education to Millions

Throughout her time on “Sesame Street”, Manzano’s character Maria, along with the rest of the cast, helped educate and entertain generations of children. The show’s music segments, including popular songs like “The People in Your Neighborhood” and “Believe in Yourself”, added a joyful element to the educational content.

Celebrating Sesame Street’s Legacy

Today marks the 54th anniversary of the launch of “Sesame Street”. This groundbreaking show continues to captivate and inspire young minds around the world. As we celebrate “Sesame Street Day”, we reflect on the incredible impact the show has had on early childhood education.