Michael Blackson Signs Deal With Celebrity Boxing, Challenges Kevin Hart


Comedian and actor Michael Blackson is diving into the world of boxing, as he recently announced signing a contract with Celebrity Boxing. With the ink barely dry on the agreement, Blackson wasted no time in calling out his fellow comedian, Kevin Hart. This unexpected development has raised eyebrows and generated plenty of excitement among fans.

Key Takeaway

Michael Blackson, the well-known comedian and actor, has recently signed a contract with Celebrity Boxing, expressing his desire to challenge Kevin Hart and other celebrities in the ring. This unexpected announcement has caught the attention of fans and sparked excitement for the upcoming fights.

Trash-Talking Takes Center Stage

Blackson’s trash-talking skills are already on full display as he sets his sights on Hart. The two comedians have had their fair share of beef in the past, although they did manage to squash their differences a couple of years ago. However, it seems Blackson might be reversing course with this challenge to Hart.

In addition to Hart, Blackson has a list of other celebrities in his crosshairs. DC Young Fly, DeRay Davis, and Katt Williams are among the names Blackson has called out, accompanied by some choice words for each of them. It’s evident that he is ready to take on any opponent and make a statement in the ring.

Promotion and Anticipation

Knowing Blackson’s penchant for promotion, fans can expect him to hype up his upcoming fight. With his signing, he’s already channeling his inner Don King, drawing attention and creating anticipation for his debut in the celebrity boxing arena.

The big question now is who will step up to accept Blackson’s challenge. As the dust settles, it will be fascinating to see which celebrities rise to the occasion and dare to enter the ring against this formidable and outspoken comedian-turned-boxer.