New Prediction: Afrobeats Set To Take Over The Hip Hop Scene


Renowned comedian and actor, Michael Blackson, is making a bold prediction about the future of music. Following Afrobeats star Rema’s historic win at the MTV VMAs, Blackson is convinced that Afrobeats will soon surpass hip hop in popularity and influence.

Key Takeaway

Michael Blackson believes that Afrobeats will become as dominant as hip hop, if not bigger, in the music industry.

Afrobeats on the Rise

During the charity event Kids in Africa Afrikicks organized by Oni Productions, Michael Blackson expressed his confidence in the rising prominence of Afrobeats music. Rema’s win in the inaugural “Best Afrobeats” category at the MTV VMAs for his hit song “Calm Down” featuring Selena Gomez further solidified Blackson’s belief in the genre’s potential.

Rema’s music video for “Calm Down” has already amassed over a billion views within a year, showcasing the global appeal of Afrobeats. Blackson attributes this growing popularity to the infectious and joyful nature of Afrobeats music, which he believes cannot be ignored.

American Collaboration

Blackson points to notable collaborations between American artists and Afrobeats stars as evidence of Afrobeats’ increasing impact. Artists like Drake and Chris Brown have already recognized the talent in the Afrobeats scene, partnering with Nigerian artists such as Wizkid and Davido in the past.

According to Blackson, record labels are now prioritizing Afrobeats music, potentially placing it ahead of hip hop. This is evident in the recent dominance of Afrobeats songs on global music charts, while hip hop faced challenges, as seen with Doja Cat’s long reign on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Future of Music

With the continued rise of Afrobeats and its global recognition, Michael Blackson’s prediction that Afrobeats will take over hip hop carries weight. As the genre gains more traction and attracts collaborations from international artists, the music industry may witness a shift in popularity and influence.

Only time will tell if Blackson’s prediction becomes a reality. However, the success of Afrobeats and its ability to captivate audiences worldwide indicate a promising future for the genre.