Matthew Perry’s Mystery Woman Revealed: Athenna Crosby


The identity of the woman seen with Matthew Perry shortly before his passing has been uncovered. Athenna Crosby, a 25-year-old model and entertainment reporter, has come forward as the “mystery brunette” who accompanied the late actor.

Key Takeaway

Matthew Perry was reported to be in good spirits and full of vitality during his last encounter with Athenna Crosby, who came forward as the woman seen with him before his tragic passing. They shared a platonic friendship and had an optimistic conversation about his future plans.

Matthew Perry’s Positive Spirits

Athenna Crosby had the privilege of knowing Matthew personally and shared her thoughts about their last encounter. She expressed her devastation over his death and chose not to speak publicly about it, as she believed the focus should be on Matthew and his legacy. According to Athenna, during their dinner together at the Hotel Bel-Air, Matthew displayed an incredibly positive demeanor. He spoke enthusiastically about his upcoming ventures and seemed to be full of happiness and vibrancy.

Just Friends, No Romance

While some may speculate that their outing was romantic in nature, Athenna vehemently denies any romantic involvement with Matthew Perry. She clarified that their relationship was purely platonic and that they had first met a few months ago through a mutual friend.

An Optimistic Conversation

During their conversation, Matthew expressed his positivity and excitement about several aspects of his life. He was particularly thrilled about his weight loss progress and mentioned his plans to play pickleball on the following day. Unfortunately, Matthew was later found unresponsive in his jacuzzi after spending hours at the court.

A Special Connection

Athenna shared a glimpse of the signed copy she owned of Matthew’s memoir, ‘Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.’ In the book, Matthew referred to her as “the number 1 girl,” indicating a special bond between them.