Martin Luther King Jr.’s Personalized Book For Sale: A Piece Of History


There’s a unique piece of Martin Luther King Jr.’s history up for sale – a book he inscribed to a nurse who played a crucial role in saving his life after an assassination attempt.

Key Takeaway

Martin Luther King Jr.’s personally inscribed book, expressing gratitude to the nurse who cared for him after a life-threatening stabbing, is being offered for sale at $35,000.

A Token of Gratitude

MLK signed a copy of his book, “Stride Toward Freedom,” and wrote a personalized note to Gwen Brown, expressing his gratitude for her care at Harlem Hospital following his 1958 stabbing.

The autographed copy is being offered for sale by Moments In Time, with a price tag of $35,000.

A Remarkable Recovery

During a book signing at Blumstein’s Department Store in Harlem, MLK was attacked by Izola Ware Curry, who stabbed him in the chest with a steel letter opener. The wound was perilously close to MLK’s aorta, and it was said that he would have died if he had sneezed or coughed on his way to the hospital. Thanks to Gwen’s care, MLK made a full recovery.

A Touching Note

MLK’s note to Gwen, written in cursive and featuring his iconic autograph, reads, “With best wishes and genuine appreciation for the attention you gave me as one of my nurses while I recuperated at Harlem Hospital.”