‘Married To Medicine” Star Lia Dias Settles Divorce, Long Road to Reconnect With Kids Again


Reality TV star Lia Dias, known for her role in “Married to Medicine: Los Angeles,” has recently reached a settlement in her highly contentious divorce. However, if she wishes to spend quality time with her children, she has a challenging journey ahead.

Key Takeaway

Reality TV star Lia Dias reaches a settlement in her divorce, granting her ex-husband sole legal and physical custody of their children. Lia’s visitation rights have been reduced to supervised weekly sessions, and she must comply with a restraining order if she wishes to spend more time with her kids in the future.

The Divorce Settlement and Custody Arrangement

Newly obtained legal documents reveal that a judge has approved the settlement between Lia Dias and her ex-husband Colin Dias. As part of the agreement, Colin has been granted sole legal and physical custody of their two children, Kaylin and Colin Jr.

Prior to the settlement, Lia had monitored visitation with her children three days a week. However, this arrangement has been suspended. She is now only allowed to have weekly sessions with the children, under the supervision of a therapist.

In addition, the settlement allows Lia to have brief phone calls and video calls with each child, but limited to 15 minutes per child and scheduled only on a single weekday.

Challenges and Restrictions

The path to increasing her time with her children is complicated by a restraining order that Colin obtained against Lia in November 2021. He claimed that she had threatened to kill him and subsequently attacked him while they were at a PetSmart with their children.

Lia must adhere to the terms of the restraining order if she wishes to regain more extensive visitation rights. If she can stay out of trouble for a year, she may have the opportunity to spend more time with her kids.

Division of Assets

Outside of the custody arrangement, the settlement dictates the division of the couple’s assets. Colin will retain the former family home in Beverly Hills, as well as several other properties. Meanwhile, Lia will walk away with a residential property located in Las Vegas, a watering hole in Inglewood, CA, and a couple of additional properties.

According to the documents, Colin will also keep a 2019 Chevy Tahoe, a 1967 Ford Mustang, and a 2018 Mercedes-Benz Maybach. Lia, on the other hand, will receive a 2021 Mercedes-Benz A 220.