‘Lips Of An Angel’ Singer Austin John Winkler: A Blast From The Past!


If you were a fan of rock music in the mid-2000s, then you must remember the name Austin John Winkler. This talented American singer, at the age of just 23, shot to fame with his band Hinder and their iconic hit song “Lips Of Angel” in 2005. The song quickly became a sensation, accumulating over 307 million streams on Spotify and garnering more than 311 million views on YouTube to this day.

Key Takeaway

Austin John Winkler, the lead singer of the band Hinder, gained immense popularity with their hit song “Lips Of An Angel” in 2005. After taking a break from the band, Austin made a comeback this year with a new rendition of the iconic song, reigniting the love and nostalgia of fans worldwide.

A Musical Break and a Reunion

In 2013, Austin Winkler decided to take a step back from the band. It was a difficult decision for both him and the fans. However, this hiatus allowed the other key members of the group, including guitarists Mark King and Joe Garvey, drummer Cody Hanson, and bassist Mike Rodden, to explore new musical avenues and continue creating great music.

Fast forward to this year, Austin surprised his fans by returning to the spotlight with a new rendition of his beloved hit, “Lips Of An Angel.” The rejuvenated version brought back waves of nostalgia for listeners who had missed his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics.

Emotional Lyrics and Memorable Melodies

“It’s really good to hear your voice, saying my name, it sounds so sweet… Coming from the lips of an angel!” These are the opening lines of “Lips Of An Angel,” a song that captivated the hearts of millions around the world. The emotional lyrics, combined with Austin’s powerful vocals and the band’s infectious melodies, made it an instant classic.

Even years after its release, “Lips Of An Angel” continues to resonate with fans, reminding them of past relationships and evoking a sense of nostalgia. It serves as a testament to Austin’s ability to craft timeless music that remains relevant and beloved by listeners to this day.